Thursday, February 19, 2015

Christophe Lemaire.

Weds. 09/24/2014.

Christophe Lemaire's Woman is something of the Nouvelle Femme Francaise! She is Cool, Detached, Severely Chic, and Always Individual. That somewhat encapsulates The Lemaire look in a Nutshell. Exemplary Stylish and Utilitarian clothes that never forget that they are Fashion, but also don't go about Screaming the Fact, either. Lemaire's woman Can Blend in Quietly, or she can exist on an Untouchable Plateau, It's the Energy of the Femme wearing his clothes that Epitomize which aspect!

Spring 2015 bought to Lemaire table a more Utilitarian style than perhaps ever before, The Trench coats, Jackets outerwear all had a Chic anonymity to them that didn't make them Invisible, but Quietly Elegant. Lemaire also had a slightly more Sportif hand with the edit and that gave the clothes a generous Dose of Freshness. In keeping with the Stylish Reserve of the collection, Lemaire kept it all in Black, White, Indigo, Navy and Neutral tones with one Bright Lipstick Red Exception. This Subdued palette let the clothes blend into one another when a customer decides to put them together in her own configurations without clashing with what she already owns and what she might procure in the future! 

The Un-Fussy Polish of this collection came through in pieces like a Mineral Green sleeveless dress with a Trench belt at the waist paired with a Long Gilet in Taupe. A Navy Blue Shirtdress with a Voluminous Skirt worn over White Cropped pants gave a Sporty vivacity to an otherwise overseen trope this season. Or the Utter Cool Chic Simplicity of a White Button front Shirt and matching cropped Pants. Easy, Breezy, Perfect! 

Lemaire is becoming his own man now that he has cut his ties to Hermes, Even though that is Inexorably sad, for he was just getting into his Sweet Spot at Hermes and Giving such Amazing Fashion at the Horsey House that it is Lamentable in the extreme that this will be his last collection in a few days, at the House. He will carry on with his own label and perhaps hit an even sweeter spot there, but there are wistful tears in one's eyes at his Departure.... Guess the old Showbiz Adage is true,

Always Leave 'Em Wanting More!

That's All.


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