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Fri. 09/19/2014.


Veronica Etro offered this insight into her Dazzling Spring 2015 collection... "I figured out this Woman, An Artist living on her own in the Desert." and that she is inspired by "The Enegy that arises from Being close to Nature in it's Wildest State." Well... OK! Her muse certainly was on display on the runway... Bohemian, Free, Uninhibited, And in the Etro way... Wild. It was Compelling and Rather Spellbinding to see the Myriad ways that Veronica Etro spun this idea outward and forward.

If the Desert was calling to Etro, then the natural voice of that would be the Native Culture, and Etro responded with Aplomb. There was no Specific tribe being conjured up on the Catwalk, but their Indigenous Motifs and Style aspects were Appropriated and Manipulated into Vague allusions to the Southwest and Western Tribes. The Indulgence in which Etro delved into was Spirited, But lengthy... She could have trimmed a good Dozen looks from the show and it would have been a little less Overwrought.

The show was Lavishly Sartorial... Layers on layers, Fringe EVERYWHERE, Mixed Prints, Leathers and Silks and More Lent the Bohemian Artist air to the collection. Even with such Profuse fashion, Etro managed to style everything so that it was consistently Spellbinding. One only has to look at a few Exits to see the Magic... an Embroidered rough Linen Cape coat had a Deeply Fringed Hem and was paired with a Printed Maxi dress under... Or the Superb Grey/Blue Suede Poncho with Beaded fringe trim on the hem, that piece was probably the Showstopper by far!

Etro Let her Romantic side run free here and found herself Soaring! Her Spring was one of Freedom and Individuality, Qualities that cannot be expressed more Necessarily in these days... Being someone who Stands out from the rest means Doing things your own way, The women who Invests in The Etro Label This Spring, Will find Fast friends amongst the Racks!

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