Sunday, February 22, 2015

Damir Doma.

Weds. 09/24/2014.

Blending Athletic influences with Pajama style ease and inflect that with a Something of a South Of France Airiness and Breeziness and you get the Strangely Peculiar, yet Alluring Spring 2015 Damir Doma Collection. It kinda shouldn't have worked, But Magically, It all did! Even the Offbeat colours of Denim, White, Black, Fawn, Indigo, Navy and Root Beer with Blasts of Sweet Potato Orange and Golden Brown added up to a Quirky Balance. 

Injecting some Movement and Languidness into his clothes, Doma seemed to Catch that Wave of Urban Boho with a more Delicate lilt than many others have sported this season. Add to it the sense of Languor of tops and Especially pants as Breezy and Carefree as a Pair of Pajamas and you have something of a winning hand! The tailoring even reflected this dedication to Relaxation. There were no Traditional Button closures, Just looping of Fabric through Oversized Grommets, or the more Athletic touch of Zippers. These elements conspired together best on a Lacy Pajama styled pantsuit with a strip of fabric through a Grommet loop as a closure that was Chic, Bohemian and Lounge-like all in one. 

Doma put forth one of his best efforts to date. It had all the elements to Pique the Interest of New Clients while still satisfying all the needs of his base of Loyal Clientele that he already has... Handy Work That. And if Doma can keep threading that needle with such Panache and Style... He'll find himself garnering more than Just New Clients... He might find himself garnering the Spotlight!

That's All.


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