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Fri. 09/19/2014.


So, After a Particularly Exceptional Fall collection for 2014... the expectation could easily have been that Donatella Versace was in a New Place and that, Albeit Different, Spring 2015 would follow suit and be a Continuation of her Brilliant Work set forth a few months before... Sadly, That was not what transpired for Spring 2015 at the House of Versace.

Donatella and her Design team went All Tricky and Over-Designed... YET AGAIN, proving that Donatella doesn't know when she's got a good thing going on. This collection had it's high points, but those came few and far between the simply disappointing and, even more baldly, Badly designed clothes. Things kicked off precariously, with a Utterly confusing Short/Long skirt that was aping the whole Pant/Skirt idea from Fall Atelier... It Looked Unrepentantly ASININE!

Also, Taking wing from the Fall Atelier collection, The Infamous house signatures of the Greek Key motif and Medusa. The Key motif was worked into the collection early and in varying degrees from nearly Imperceptible to Mammoth. From there, Uninteresting Interlocking ring prints that would be later replicated in Laser Cutout Leather studded with Grommets and look altogether more pleasing and her Wan and Excitement deficient Medusa Prints were even less inspired.

Even the appearance of one of the Signature Standbys... Crystal Mesh, Failed dismally. It looked Cheap here. Not Glossy or Sexy, and at times it was Dead Awkward (those Above-Ankle length "Gowns" were Dreadful!) The colours were Sublime in the ferocity and fearlessness of their combinations, but colour alone cannot save a collection. The low points in this show dragged the whole rest of the work down with the Undertow and nearly swept the mind Blank as to what was Good... A Short Pink Suit was Breathlessly Amazing, as was a little Black Leather cutout sheath decorated with Grommets...

Save those and A few other outfits... this Showing was D.O.A! Donatella had reached such a High-Water Mark this past Fall and to let it slip through her fingers like she has with this Deeply Flawed collection is Unforgivable... At this stage in the Game, She should Know Better.

That's All.


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