Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sat. 09/20/2014.


There was a time, when you could could on Tomaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimondi for Quirky, Interesting, Even at time, Piquant Fashion. Lo, Those Days are long behind us and what we have now are Ill-Conceived Misadventures like the Spring 2015 set of Misfit Clothes. Once upon a day, you could count on them for Excitement, Now it's Catch as Catch can for just WEARABLE Clothes...

Gleaning Inspiration from Matisse's "Chapelle de Rosaire" In Venice, Italy, the Duo used Matisse's Organic forms and sensual shapes to highlight their pieces, either as prints, or embellishment. Not even someone as Sublimely Brilliant as Matisse could have saved these senseless combinations shown on display by this Team. Incoherent, Tacky, Silly! All catchwords to be bandied about for this... MESS.

A couple really Nice coats, A dress or two or three (One in Peach pleats with a White and Spring Green Matisse Print was kinda Lovely!) and that's all that one could lift from this collection that didn't suffer from either being too Sheer, Boxy and Badly Cut, or worse yet, Juvenile looking... as in made for the 6-10 year old set. It was a Disaster. Nothing but starting over from Scratch could have helped!

So, Another Misfire in the Hands of Aquilano.Rimondi. These Awful collections are beginning to Pile up like Cars in a Horrfiic Freeway Traffic Accident. These Guys used to Spin Gold like Rumplestiltzken.. Now... They are just Overloaded with plain Old Straw!

That's All.


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