Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Thurs. 09/18/2014.


It needn't be mentioned all the Intensive and Laborious Technique and Craftsmanship that goes into ANY Fendi Collection, Here it was all evident, The slashed Fabrics, The Cut-Out and Tooled and Manipulated Leathers. The Delightful Handbags... All present and accounted for. However, the Spring 2015 Iteration of all these ideas didn't Congeal into anything more than an Incoherent Mess. It was truly not one of the houses Best, By Any means... and that was Deeply Surprising.

Things started out alright, The Anime-Like Orchid prints were Particularly Upbeat and Pleasant and the dresses and separates that they were splashed upon were Inventive and Top Notch, Especially a Dress with a Cape like piece thrown over one shoulder that was one of the Highlights of the entire season and the Mink Bolero with the Orchid Intarsias was Fetching to a High Degree also. An Ombre Suede ensemble in Powder Grey and White was saying all the right things too... but it was about here that things took an Unfortunate turn for the Distracting and Dismal.

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini-Fendi lost their way about a 1/3 of the show in... Slashing and fringing and Pleating Chiffon into Unflattering skirts and some of the most Hideous Creations EVER in the Name of Denim! And then, Horrors of Horrors, Those Cage-like Cutouts... Offensive and Tragically Gauche! A Simpler Approach yielded far better results, as in  a Carrot Orange and Coffee Leather pleated Tennis dress was Amazing! (I do have to ask... WHAT THE HELL was with those Sheer Pleated Skirts? They were doing Not One bit of Favour to ANYONE! Appalling!)

Lagerfeld, Well the man rarely misses the mark. This one was not a Home Run. It wasn't Necessarily a Strike Out either. An Infield Single perhaps! But surely. Not a show up to the Standard or Caliber of which he is Capable. All was not Joyful In Mudville This Night!

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