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Fri. 09/19/2014.


While there is Little evidence that Captain James Misson  and his Pirate Colony, Libertatia ever TRULY did exist, if we take it from Angela Missoni, He did and her family is a Descendant of his Bloodline. However Fanciful such Conjecture may be, it can be fodder for Fantasy and Brilliance... Elements both found in Ripe Abundance in Missoni's Spring 2015 Masterpiece!

Infusing a Langourous, Breezy Easiness into the Traditional Motifs of the House of Missoni yielded something of an Abandon to the clothing, Must have been all that talk of Pirates and Decadence and Such! The clothes did have a Sense of the Decadent to them that was Explicitly Modern, Witness the Lack of Beads, Embroidery and overall Decoration. There was some Subdued sparkle Built into the fabrics, but those achieved a Gentle Glitter more than an all out Shine!

The clothes themselves may have been simple and Liquid, but the way Angela put them together, Bordered on Quirky. This only added to the Madcap sensibility of the show. The clothes themselves though, were the culprits of such Joyous Merrymaking. In Sun Drenched Summer hues that complimented the Breeze ready Whisper thin materials... Papaya, Banana, Peach, Rose Pink, Aquatic Blues and Greens... When cut into something like a knitted Bathrobe/Trench over a Matching Maxi Sheath in shades Hazy Pastel Shades of Pink, Beige and Green, it was Luxuriant! Or Exuberant when done as a Fruit Salad Hued Trench over wide Trousers in Green and Papaya and and Mango... Splendiferous!

What all the Backstory had to do with the Concrete matter of the clothes is that it simply added another layer of Dimension to an already Winning Recipe. After a Few Seasons of Stumbles at the House, it seems The Missoni Family is back on Solid Ground... All it took was a Little Delving into one's History to make the Present Shine!

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