Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anthony Vaccarello.

Tues. 09/23/2014.

Anthony Vaccarello.

Anthony Vaccarello's Spring 2015 collection truly was a Case of "Much Ado About Nothing!" With Absurdly Silly Miniscule hemlines and not much more up top, Vaccarello worked his signature Sexy vibe but added nothing new to the Formula in the way of what we have seen before. In that respect, The collection failed to even Scandalize, even though it tried it's mightiest to do so.

Asymmetric Hemlines and a Naval Militaire Theme tried to inject appeal into these otherwise Overwrought Tropes. When Vaccarello scaled things back and let the clothes just simply... BE, he was mining gold... A Bermuda Shorts Suit with a sheer shirt was Heaven, all in a Very Dark shade of Navy. A Tee dress with a Side dipping swath of Pleated Chiffon and Heat Pressed Letters of "AV" On it was one of Vaccarello's best takes on the Asymmetry.

Yet from then on... The Strumpet Set came out to play and it was not pretty! Vaccarello sometimes with his Derring-Do can Shock to the point of Outrageousness and it makes you Giggle and Titter at it's Gloriously Excessive Impropriety, Here, today, It only managed to look slutty and Badly conceptualized. After the Masterful hand he displayed at Versus a couple weeks ago, this came off as bizarrely shocking, Maybe all that focus for Donatella left him a little stripped for ideas for his own label. Maybe next season he'll have learned how to pace himself and give his best to both labels!

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