Monday, February 9, 2015


Fri. 09/19/2014.


While Alexis Martial is beginning to gain some recognition for his work at the House of Iceberg and giving it new life, He is also Quietly becoming something of a Guru of Cool to turn to. His Lean, Spare and Decidedly Fun romp for Iceberg Spring 2015 was more of the same Steadily Sexy and Cool clothes he has been sending down the Runway. Spring actually saw Martial loosening up a little more than usual and his clothes benefited from the Slackening.

Southern California is a Goldmine of Inspirations, especially if you like dressing the Pretty and Youthful... In Mind as well as in Body. With this starting point came Military and Sportif accents that have been showing up with a Fervent Frequency. Martial's take was to keep it Simple and Assail the eye with Scorching colour and Brief Hemlines to get his points across.

There were missteps, to be sure, Some of the Skirts looked Clunky and Awkward to a Very unflattering degree, but also some whimsical Hits that made the Less successful pieces seem insignificant. Pieces Like, The Shift dress covered with Pale Pink Psuedo-Floral Appliques that was Charming and Vivacious, Or the Dragon Fruit print layered Shift dress of Exit No. 28. Even more Delightful, the Belted Slip dress that looked as if it had had a Nasty, Yet Clandestine run in with a Kids Sticker album... It was Cute as Hell, A little bit Funny and Definitely Editorial.

Martial should have no difficulties in keeping the fires burning at Iceberg, Now the mission is to Take it to the Next Level. A little more Focus is all that is needed and He'll be one of the Big Draws in Milan in no time!

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