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Fri. 09/19/2014.


Captivating! The Spring 2015 Sportmax Collection was Simply, Divine. There was a Poetic ease and Carefree quality that gave the clothes Lift and Lilt and Air! All those Bohemian touches, Fraying hems, Exposed seams, Rugged/Luxe fabrics... All conglomerated Gloriously into a Romantic whole of Immense Sophistication and Grace. But the design team wasn't going to be Reliant on the Flowery.. This was City Romance. Tough, Urban colours perpetuated throughout that this was no Fairy Tale. It was Reality!

The Colours were Key, Greige, Maize, Olive Drab, Charcoal, with Generous doses of Black and White and Soft Creamy, even an Interjection of Clementine Orange to Refresh the Eye! Another Factor was that the collection focused on Calculated design to make an Obvious Contradistinction to the more Fluid pieces. All though, were Designed with the Meticulous Detail known to the Parent House of Max Mara.

The Opening Salvo to this Epic, Maize and Black Woven Leather strips forming a Check Pattern on a Luscious Coat to start. also appearing later a Black and White Smudged Gingham Plaid Check in either Printed fabrics, or created with Embellishment on Plain, White Fabric. One more design element that was Inescapable... the Drape Tie front on most outfits achieved by either a Wide Obi belt or built into the design of the Garment. These Japanese elements were all part of giving Romantic Appeal to such Straightforward Clothes, it gave them the Mystique of Japan Romanticism but Done in a Minimalistic Form.

When one goes to look at Standouts in this collection, One is stopped Dead Cold in their Tracks. SO very much of the Collection was Masterfully done, that there were many Solo Stars in this Galaxy of Novas! A Olive Leather Shift with an Obi sash at waist was ready to walk off the runway and into Any woman in the Audiences Closet. A Bias Gingham Plaid draped Sleeveless top and Pencil skirt on Tami Williams was also Artistically inclined, But Rendered in Modern Proportions. The Best, On Binx, A Black Satin Jumpsuit that Called to Mind the Great YSL, with it's Tie-Front Plunge neck and Fluid Trouser bottoms was Like Studio 54 had risen from the Ashes and Looked like this Piece of Genius!

As the saying goes, There was Plenty More where that Came from, But it's wise to stop now. This Gem of a collection Resonated on Artistic and Commercial Levels, A Trick almost Impossible to achieve Most times, The team At Sportmax handled it Deftly and Beautifully.

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