Monday, February 2, 2015

Fausto Puglisi.

Weds. 09/17/2014.

Save a Black, Shiny Cropped Tee paired with a Deftly Fluid Black Box Pleat skirt and a Citron Yellow Coat, Faustp Puglisi's Spring 2015 collection was about as Impacting as a Massage with Jello! It was a Caricature of all that it wanted to convey, A Glitzy Versace-Era (Gianni) Glam-More that in Puglisi's Cheap hands came off Tacky and Borderline Offensive. 

The main sticking point, Everything, AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING, Looked Bedraggled and Harangued. Tortured with Shoddy looking Overdesign that gave a Patina of the Tasteless to it. Not one thing here looked like it Fit Properly or was Imbued with that Gianni Style SEX! Here, Instead of Looking like the most Expensive Whore you'll Never, EVER Get to indulge in, these ladies looked like the Typically Common and Crude Crack Whores On 8 Mile giving Hand Jobs for $15! 

Puglisi shows, In the most Infinitesimal Spurts, the Hands of a real Creative soul, The Gold Redingote Crop biker Jacket and Skirt was one of those moments, But aside from that... He just seems to be Aping every one from Gianni, To Decarnin, Rousteing, Dundas and Cavalli and making himself look like a Rank Amateur in the effort. He needs to REFINE his Aesthetic or else all he ever will be is a Crown Prince of the Tawdry and Crass. Not a thing one would think a Person would Aspire to, No? 

That's All.


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