Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Giorgio Armani.

Sat. 09/20/2014.

There is a Point when you find that your life revolves around fashion that you Discover Certain Inalienable Truths about Fashion. Christian Dior Was God. Balenciaga was Jesus, Karl Lagerfeld is the Archangel Michael and that Giorgio Armani Likes Beige! Also, you learn that when you first come to the the Church of High Fashion, that Giorgio Armani will just Captivate your Very Soul with his Ethereal Work... 

Until you get on in years and you find that Armani is doing the same work as when you discovered him... Beige has gone NOWHERE, sometimes that Beige is replaced by Navy or Grey or Black, but wait a season or two... and Beige WILL BE BACK! My Armani Rose has LONG lost it's Bloom, And for over 20 years and going towards Thirty, I can say without a bit of Hyperbole, Armani is still doing the things he was when I started Following fashion back in 1991. The models may have changed, the Fabrics may have evolved, But the song remains the same. 

Now, is that kind of Longevity to be Lauded? Or Derided? It's not like Armani is Producing UGLY Clothes... he is producing EXQUISITE Clothes, But, it's like he's the Ghost of his own Archives or trapped in a Loop of his own Memories... The Silly Pant lengths... the Nomadic Chiffons and Gauzes... The Pinpoint Precision of his Tailoring. All there, every season it would seem, just dipped in a vague sense of Newness that really isn't. This Redundancy just feels by now, for over 20 years for me now, Stale. 

Sand. Dunes. Though not Deserts, this outing,.. BEACHES this time. Well Hell's Bells! How Originale! As it was, there was nothing Original here, All the trademark pieces fell right into the places they have been in for Decades. Some Very Pretty Beaded Tunics near the end were worthwhile, and A Elephant Grey textured Jacket with Wide Raglan sleeves matched with the same Colour trousers was also worth seeking out... other than that... 

Armani is too old now and too set in his patterns to make Radical Changes. He Does what he does Because he Loves what he does. That is why his clothes are Spectacular and that they Sell. Armani just isn't going to Set the Night Aflame anymore. How one views that can be either Comforting, Or... Saddening. The Choice is yours!

That's All.


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