Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Philipp Plein.

Fri. 09/19/2014.

There's not much in the way of saying about Philipp Plein's Dismaying and Foolish undertaking of a Spring 2015 collection. By all standards, There were a Myriad of Perfectly Executed and well made Clothes to choose from... The flip side of that is that even though Plein showe 58 Exits, Only about a Scant 1/3 were original ideas. The rest... Repeats of the said same outfits... Over and Over and OVER! Without one Change to the clothes to boot. Only Different Colours were the Demarcation of the pieces. It Pissed Me The Fuck Off! 

From Ballooning Crinoline hems on Short, Full Party dresses to Crystals Bedazzling everything from Hot Shorts to Perfectos to Toucans to Serape stripes... It was A Hodgepodge of such Stunting Disbelief as to be Nightmarish. I couldn't even Look twice at the collection, It was That Pointless. And the Finale... A Non-Stop Litany of the SAME Pieces Embellished in Crystals that seemed to drone on so endlessly that An Ice Pick to the Temple would have been more of a Pleasure! 

I refuse to pick out any specific pieces to Highlight. There were Beautiful clothes, Yes, This is True, But with such Deadening Repetition, Any of that Beauty was Shot in The Back of the Head with a Colt 45. Magnum! This collection was pretty much a Worthless Endeavour from Beginning to End and Plein being the Great Designer that he is, Should be Wantonly ASHAMED of himself for producing such a Disgrace! 

That's All.


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