Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ports 1961.

Thurs. 09/18/2014.

Ports 1961.

Everything that could be wrong about a collection... WAS Wrong with the Spring 2015 Ports 1961 offering from Fiona Cibani. Awkward, Tricky Details, Bad Design, Kendall Jenner. It was inspired Cibani said from Artemis, the Greek Goddess, One time Strong and Warrior Woman Armored for Bear, the next Floaty and Diaphanous, Sensual and damn near Naked. It did not combine as she would have hoped!

Fussy, Unnecessarily Elaborate cuts and plays of fabric made the collection leaden where, Simplifying things would have given it wings. Cibani's Best moments were when she restrained herself. A sleeveless Stone coloured dress at Exit No. 13 or the White Coatdress on Daphne Groneveld which was the best piece in the entire show.

Otherwise. It was just a Clunker, Simple as that. Cibani wanted to give a Dual spirit to her woman when focusing on one would have been far more preferred, Sometimes, as this collection proves, the inspiration can get the best of a Good designer. Points do have to be scored for resisting the 70's Vibe, Though!

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