Wednesday, February 4, 2015


Thurs. 09/18/2014.

Dean and Dan Caten. Always the Show Men and Show OFFS! They are something of a Latter Day, Dolce And Gabanna and perhaps, clothe the same women, just in different aspects of her Life. There is a Deep vein of Sex amplifying both collections usually into the Bodacious. It's just, where the Playfulness in a D&G Story is underscored by Serious Gravitas and Dark Romance... The Catens are much more Kooky and a Helluva lot more Fun! 

Spring 2015 Saw The Brother duo in a Playful, yet more grounded Head Space. The Silliness was there, Oh, Yes it was... just though now as an Undercurrent, not as the Main Dish. Opening with Super Saturated Bright Bull's eye circles cut out of shiny Raffia, gave the show Buoyancy and Lift into the most Joyful of Mindsets. The Crop Tee and Ballskirt Combo was Patently WONDERFUL! The Procession of Happy colour continued on... in Leather or Feathers. But then the tempo changed, The hues grew somewhat Somber, More earthen. And less Ebullient. This section was also dominated by that Sickly Green that's been running around town in Milan and was still making me Queasy! 

Then, with a Magical Blast of Lipstick Red, the world Righted itself and we were off again to Pleasant Pastures. That Red Pantsuit introduced Some Phenomenal Couture work from the Twins... a Section of Plisse Pleated Gazar Flamenco Ruffles that just Astounded and Awed with the Facility of their Technique. A Goldenrod Ballskirt was the best Example of this Magic. The Catens decided to Zhuzh up some Denim with more Elaborate pieces, Two in particular were Lesage/Lemarie worthy creations of a Diabolical Sort combining Pheasant Feathers, Beads and Sequins into the most Ornate Embroidery seen outside of Parisian Couture. in a Topcoat and an Amphora Shaped Ballskirt... Both paired with Denim! 

The show, even with that Monstrous Green Colour, was a Resounding Success! The Caten's kept the fun but injected some Real Fashion into this collection. The boys will always be Peter Pan's and youth driven in their clothes, That however, doesn't mean that sometimes they can't peek their nose over the Fence and see what's growing on the Mature Side! :

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