Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dolce And Gabbana.

Sun. 09/21/2014.

Dolce and Gabbana Extravaganzas are Always... Extravagant! They Push the Very Limits of their themes, whatever that season's theme may be, and take it to it's Furthest point, however long it may take to get there or how many Outfits that encompasses. For Spring 2015, Their Caravan of Sicilian Widows left the Balmy shores of Palermo for the Even More Sultry Bullrings of Seville! The brought with them all their Black Lace and Now fashioned the Roses that would be their Mourning Flowers or that they would throw, Celebratory style, into the ring, Into Infanta Headpieces. 

Digging into the Subtext of A Dolce and Gabbana collection is perhaps something suited more to a Cultural Anthropologist. There is too much, Too deep and thick a field to Cipher through, Approaching it from the Surface and only scratching a little beneath it is enough to get the effect that Stefano and Domenico are trying to impart on the viewer. This season The Duo Headed even further south to Spain and was enchanted by all that Hot Latin Sensuality that Courses through the Bullfighter and his Profession. 

There is always so much to choose and pick out in a Dolce and Gabbana collection that are High points, But count on it that EVERYTHING that needed to be there, was there... The Black Widow Lace, The Burning Heart Prints and Embroideries, The Polka Dots, Fringe, Roses, Matador Jackets... It was all Strewn about with the Wildest of Abandon and the Height of Chic! It Inflamed! It Caused the Blood to Stir and then Boil! It was as Orgiastic an Indulgence as anything seen heretofore or since. It Was A Benchmark for Stefano and Domenico! 

Who knows where the Caravan will lead our Sicilian Widows next, One can never be too sure... You just have to wait to see where the winds are taking our Dynamic Duo, and What Adventure awaits us when chance we meet again....

That's All.


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