Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Roberto Cavalli.

Sat. 09/20/2014.

Roberto Cavalli.

Pyschedelic, Bohemian, Talitha Getty Glamour! THIS. Children, THIS IS THE Roberto Cavalli that is Known and Loved! Spring 2015 seems to find Roberto Cavalli back in Fighting form with a Breathtakingly Lovely collection from Beginning to End. Opening with a Pack of Psychedlically charged Printed Maxi Boho Dresses of the Kind that the Rich Hippies of the 70's would have worn, Cavalli opened with Maximal impact and didn't drop the ball from that Opening Salvo.

From here... Cavalli would Amp things up, then Cool it down only to Ramp up even harder the next! A delicate White Section was Remarkable for it's Fragility and Couture Skill as well as it's Romantic sensibilities without being Limp or Gamine. One Dress on Ondria Hardin was Exquisite enough to make you Weep! Then there was the Burnished Sheen of a Mahogany Crocodile Biker Jacket and Skirt that Was LIVING for EVERYTHING!

Cavalli spun a Web of Sophisticated, Yet Inexorably Sexy Charm this season. It was Great to see after some Seriously Bad seasons the last few years. This one was one for the History Books, and if you ever needed to look up How to Make Fantastically Sexy clothes while still being Classy, You wouldn't need to look any further than this Collection!

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