Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bottega Veneta.

Sat. 09/20/2014.

Bottega Veneta.

Sometimes, It's the simplest gestures that tell the truest story. At The Bottega Veneta Collection, the Big Moment of Truth came not in the Demonstrative Opening Gesture. as Lovely as it was, nor did it come in the Untouchable Perfection of the next few Exits that followed in Soft Shades of Mist and Fog and Haze... No. it came at Exit No. 10. Tomas Maier had been saying how he patently Abhorred "Spandex" Workout wear and how much better it would be to "Practice at the Barre and Focus on Posture and not a Six-Pack" A telling statement, indeed, on where his brain was operating for Spring 2015. So, the Poetic sway of Ballet mixed with the Clothes that the practitioners of said art wear, Only luxed up in only the kind of way that Maier at BV can do! Right? Good!

Now, about Exit No. 10... In Maier's Work at Bottega... There are always undercurrents of Fathomless Intellectual and Artistic meaning, Try as he might, Maier CANNOT Design a "Simple" Collection. It's simply not how his mind operates. There is always too much Background and Subtext to his work. But Exit No. 10 was as close to that "Simple" Precept that Maier may ever get. In his hands, The Workout wear was Lush, Comfy, Slimming, Limning the body like a Second skin but still being Utilitarian, It was Minimal to the point of Being Anonymous. Now pair that with the Palest Yellow Full-Length Trench... and you have an outfit to totally DISAPPEAR In, The trench when closed would cover Everything, So only on the inside would you know you're in clothes so comfy you might as well be Naked, and on the outside, Because of the Superior Quality of that Coat, No one would ever assume you were going to go... WORKOUT or DANCE! It was this Juxtaposed Dichotomy to the clothes that to me, made the collection's Cerebral undertow so much more Sensual!

It was the Mixing of Luxury and Comfort, Not together, mind you, but Separate. that Made the Collection so... Voluptuary! Taking the Basics and not exalting them beyond their basic nature, but coupling them with such Singular, almost Personal Luxury that the women wearing them seems to be Living a Double Life! Cozy Inside, Impenetrable from the Outside! You'll NEVER Know her inner life, unless invited in! That summed up the Cold, Calculating beauty of This collection... That Maier's Woman is an Empress, even of the Commonplace, and that her World is her own, Not for anyone else's Pleasure or Satisfaction, but hers, And hers Alone!. This Steely Remove is what charges the Bottega Veneta Woman's Life with The Energy of Self Reliance and Independence.

She may as the day goes on, begin to embellish her self, see how the collection started like a Blank Canvas and then Steadily, The Brushstrokes of Extroversion came to the Fore. Maier has always had the Artisan's spirit imbued in his clothes, But the Kick in the Pants is that it has never been about the Viewer, But, THE WEARER! Maier gives all this for his Client to enjoy, Almost Secretly, Perversely. The embellishment is only to Catch to eye of others and leave them Wondering in your wake!

All this is perhaps too much investigation into clothes, but this collection felt so unbound from Maier's Past work her, that it was like he was Opening Windows and Doors and Letting the Air breathe through the house and It made the clothes all that more Wondrous! The Dark, Raw edge Denim dresses Embroidered with Patches of Dark Sequins. The Gingham... The Home Spun, Crazy Quilt aspect of the Color Pieced Dresses with Bronze and Silver sequins and Pieces of Mesh... Intellect meets Raw Artistry.

The more one goes on, the more the Mystery Deflates and that's not good. Every woman should have some Sort of Mystery about her, and if that's her clothes... Then So Be It. These are the kinda clothes that will have those around you searching for Clues For Days!

That's All.


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