Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Sun. 09/21/2014.

Simplification can often be the basis of which Elaboration can take Flight. Take Massimo Giorgetti's Spring 2015 MSGM collection, In which he Greatly Streamlined and Simplified his more over indulgent antics for a less Extrovert collection (Although a HUMONGOUS Finch Wrought from Embroidery in all manner of Beads and Sequins and such is HARDLY Introverted!) that still retained it's Loud sensibilities! 

From the Opening Coat, Plain for the Giant Bird (If you hadn't guessed, Giorgetti went on a Tangent with Birds) embroidered on the back, to the Bird prints that pretty much were splashed on everything, yet somehow never looked Silly or Juvenile. Cutesy, Sure, but in a Youthful, Not YOUNG, Way! When Giorgetti wasn't using Finches, Hummingbirds and Woodpeckers as Print and embellishment... It all made for a Very Strong and Playfully Giddy Showing when paired with the Flower print he showed.

That Flower print would end up, Fancifully enough, Encrusted on See-Through Vinyl in a couple pieces, Made from Little Crystal Beads! Quite Fanciful! The show ended with a Trio of Dresses bedecked with a Flock of Birdies... and looked Whimsical and Fresh. Giorgetti is looking like he's taking a Higher road at this moment and his clothes are reaping the benefits of such a Move. With this collection he has put himself firmly in the Public Eye and, By Jove...I think they like what they're seeing!

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