Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Emilio Pucci.

Sat. 09/20/2014.

Emilio Pucci.

Milan has become, By this next to last day of it's Fashion Week, "That 70's Show" Suede and Fringe and Flares, OH MY! Tie Dye has been out in the Hinterlands of this theme as of so far... THAT IS, Until the 70's reached Peter Dundas' Massive Tanned Hands! The 70's is Dundas' Safe Place, For Better Or Worse. He has been motivated by the Louche, Sexy Decade that Gave us Studio 54, The Forces of Fashion Nature that were Lauren Hutton, Ali McGraw, Farrah Fawcett and yes, Halston! In Dundas' World, It's always a Balmy Night in Majorca in 1976! That sensibility has to some very Small degree... Stunted the looks that come from His Wildly Successful Casa da Pucci, but his thorough commitment and Exuberant Zeal always come through with such Joyous results... that it's hard to fault the man!

And as much as one would have WANTED to do that, concerning the Spring 2015 collection, The Smile that was kept in permanent residence on one's Visage negated such desires instantly. Dundas whipped up one of his most Phantasmagorical Extravaganzas ever, and even though he repeated a Few dresses and such in different colourations, WHICH is Utterly INFURIATING, It still was a Minor Quibble. Everything else was so Dazzling and Positive...

From Exit No. 1 on Natasha Poly, A Glamazonian Embroidered White Lace frock, Dundas was showing he was going for Every bit of Gusto he could squeeze out of his Imagination. This led to the opening passage, Happily, all being Richly, Frivolously, Gloriously Embroidered, much in the same fashion as that Opening Shot. That Pantsuit on Julia Nobis was pretty much The End All Be All! From here there was this wonderful vacillation between Expert Tailleur and Bohemian Flou. A Pumpkin Orange Double-Breasted Topcoat showed the wonders of the first idea, while a Pastel print dress suspended from a Tiny Embroidered Bra top on Maartje Verhoef exemplified the other half.

Those Ready-Made for Baja Floating gowns that Ended the show were some of Dundas' Best work for the house and in their seemingly Endless Procession of Romance, Made one's Heart (and in the case of the Heteros in the Audience. LIBIDOS!) Soar. Dundas whipped this collection into a Frenzy of Flawless Finery that is going to be a Hard act to Beat for other Designers in Milan and an even Harder Act for Dundas to follow!

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