Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dries Van Noten.

Weds. 09/24/2014.

A Fashion-In! Dries Van Noten gave us a Hippy Influenced Love-In with Fashion. With all the Hippy-Dippy-Trippy Drug soaked Free Love Music Festival influences swarming about Spring 2015 like so Much "Molly" It was Little wonder that Fashion's most Unabashed Free Spirit of Bohemian Extroversion, Van Noten, would surely catch that Glastonbury/Coachella/SXSW/ Vibe and RUN with it... That he produced perhaps the most Definitive and Exquisite iteration is a Testament to his Megalithic Talent! 

To Wit, Van Noten went back to the Opium/LSD/Marijuana laced Hippy days of Woodstock and the 60's/70's Bohemian for his inspiration... Not that others didn't but they went to those days as witnessed through the prism of the Youth of Now viewing those Drug Soaked Heydays. This was a Trippy Trip back to a Haight-Ashbury/Woodstock Farm Hippy that never existed, but could have, in all it's Berkeley College, Granola Crunchy Goodness! With all manner of Devices and Prints, from Shiny Chine Silk Stripes that aped Serape, to Moorish and Arabic Patterns, to Rajasthan Florals and Medallion Prints... All Conglomerating together in ever new vivid combinations!

The Magic of Any Van Noten show are the Endless Permutations and Conspicuous Extravagant Juxtapositions and Layerings, Here that profusion was so Rich, it almost bordered on Smothering of the most Perversely Wonderful Kind! If Van Noten had layered more, Magpie-like, it may have been even more Hedonistic and Sensual... As it lay, it was just the right amount of Excess to not be Idiosyncratic. Pajama/Smoking Pants under Dresses or Skirts or Tunics... Layered Dresses, Layered skirts all in clashing, riotous print configurations. Dhoti Pants, Pencil Skirts. Djellaba like Dresses, Brocade, Embroidery, Sparkle, Sequins, Damasks, Stripes... ON AND ON it went Ceaselessly like some Unquenchable Bender! It truly became impossible to pick and choose any one specific outfit amongst the Multiplicity of Garments, It was Luxuriantly, Luridly Surfeit! 

After all this Hippy/Boho Richness, the models splayed themselves upon the Mossy/Grassy looking Runway and had their own kind of Fashion Sit-In. It was a Cheeky and Bold Romantic gesture that could have come off Hokey in the Utmost, but it didn't. Van Noten had given such a Prolific Diatribe on this subject, Via the Exceptional Clothes, That this actually felt Spontaneous, Natural and Wondrous. If it didn't bring at least the Creeping of a Smile across the visage... Someone might need to Check themselves for a Pulse. 

That's All.


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