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Fri. 09/19/2014.


Frankly, It was rather Shocking to see the first Cavalcade of Pieces at Anna Molinari's Spring 2015 Sojourn for Blumarine. Shocking because, In Essence, Gorgeous Ondria Hardin looked Stark-Ass NAKED in the opening Exit. Naked Except, for some Strategically Placed Embroidered Flora that gave her an almost "Venus On The Half" Shell Sense of Modesty. After a few more exits like this, One especially Saucy on Cindy Bruna.. (GROOOWLL!!!) the shock was replaced by that Aforementioned "Venus'" sense of Propriety and Innocence with just a Frisson of Sexuality. As the show progressed it didn't seem as shocking, More Romantic actually...

But it grew old FAST! This, Quite possibly, was one of Molinari's Prettiest and Most Exquisite collections ever, but just like Alberta Ferretti earlier in the week, It broke absolutely NO new ground for the label and saw Molinari operating Zero Degrees outside her comfort zone. When the results are this Glorious, you'd think, what does one have to Quibble with...? Well, If Molinari has never done it quite this well ever before... it still wasn't putting anything new on the Table to discuss!

When Anna simply let the Overt nature of the clothes drop away, she hit Pay Dirt.. A GORGEOUS Teal Sleeveless embroidered Shift, A Blush colour coat on Daphne Groneveld was Heart-Achingly Gorgeous! Or, The Knockout Black Shantung T-shirt Shift with Black Embroidered White trim at the Sleeves. The collection, when it wasn't interested in Subtle Titillation was Surprisingly Modern, And if it had been more of that to balance out the somewhat Ludicrous Idea of all that sheerness, Maybe it would have been less... skewed. Though, Let's be Honest, This collection Was Drop Dead Goddamn Beautiful. OK?

In the Conclusion... If some Hot, Young Venus on the Uprise is looking to Scandalously/Innocently Show off her Wares to the world this Spring, Blumarine has just what you're looking for... Stunning Bodies Are Required!

That's All.


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