Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Salvatore Ferragamo.

Sun. 09/21/2014.

Salvatore Ferragamo.

The Loveliness started out with a Parchment colour Trench-Cum-Poncho, Trimmed in Python, Lined in Sunflower Yellow... And from there it just continued on a Path of Superb Excellence! Massimilano Giornetti's Spring 2015 Gift of Fashion from the House of Salvatore Ferragamo, was the most Potent Study in Quiet, Efficient, Luxurious Eloquence Possible! He didn't Force anything, everything was Fluid, Liquid and Easy. Poetic Almost. Especially with the Colour Palette that barely Registered above a Murmur on the Loud scale.

Now, Effortless Elegance does NOT mean, Plain! Or Boring. That this collection most certainly was not, Not in the least! But it did mean that a Certain Quietude was imbued in everything. This is a Woman who needs not her clothes to speak for her. She speaks quite well enough on her own, even in her Silences! Her clothes aren't so much as her Accomplices, as her Partners! They assist her in telling her own tale without getting in the way, but also by not shrinking into the Background, Either. They are there with her, Every Step, Like Elegant Armor.

It's Supremely difficult to think of Giornetti's Spring pieces as Armor, but they are that, of the most Refined and Delicate sort without being Fussy or Extensively Elaborate! Counterbalance that by the fact that on the other side of the Coin, A Woman wants to Seduce too... so juxtaposed against the Delicate Armor, were more Languid, Sensual, Slinky clothes that never suggested anything more than Purposeful Persuasion. Quite like the Snakeskin that was all around this collection, in real skins or Prints... Giornetti's Woman holds Salaciousness in utter Contempt. No, her Seduction is Cerebral and Sly, Suggestive but never Improper!

This is the Gold Mine that Giornetti has Staked his Claim on, Elegant and Seductive, and is Striking it Rich every time! This was one of his most Subtly Evocative collections in recent memory and, By Far, One of his Best! The Clothes spoke Encyclopediac Volumes on Dressing with Style and Taste, with Class not Ass. Just pick any piece and Marvel at the Subdued Grace, A Mixed-Media Leopard print Top and Skirt on Maneula Frey that was as perfect for a Summer's Day in the Hamptons as it would be a Week in Palm Beach! The Horrendously Luxurious supple Python Cardigan coat, It just OOZED with Throwaway ease yet was probably worth more than a New Lincoln! Or the Chic Anonymity of the Black Zip front Shirt Dress that you could see any woman in New York navigating her way around Uptown Manhattan or Traversing the Cobbled Streets of Rome at Midnight!

Giornetti hit SUCH a Sweet spot with this collection, that it almost brought me to Tears. It was Everything GREAT Fashion should be, Accessible, Luxurious, Easy, Uncomplicated, Sensual, Graceful... The Adjectives could go on Ceaselessly! Hopefully, Giornetti will keep finding new facets to this Jewel he has Unearthed, For truly, It is a Style that has Limitless appeal and Limitless Possibilities... If he keeps Designing this way, His Woman will be Forever Thankful!

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