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Fri. 09/19/2014.

For a Debut, Last Season showing his first works for the house of Bally, It was Quite a Success for Pablo Coppola, New Creative Director of the brand. Now in his Sophomore Effort, he Has simplified his ideas, but focused on achieving the best Possible outcome for the Garments. Simple they May Look, But they are Painstakingly Executed! 

Showing only 15 looks for his Presentation, Coppola Focused on very Non-Springlike colours that actually turned out to look more Fresh and Summery than Pastels and Flowers would have. There was A bit too much of that Green that's been running rampant around Milan and not the most flattering shade, here though it was somewhat tamed and a little more subdued, making it only slightly less unappetizing.

A Plum Coloured top and Fluid A-Line skirt in Raisin was the First look and was A Tonal Success! A Maize Snake shift also had endless appeal. The best piece in the collection though was the shiny Maroon Crocodile Biker Jacket that was Glossy in all senses of the word. Coppola ended the presentation with a Blazer and Linen Gown in the same Colour Combo as the opener lending a nice sense of Cohesiveness and Roundness to the Collection.

Coppola is gently easing the label into the consciousness of the Fashion Cognoscenti... Bally has traded on it's Leather wear goods for too long and has had too many Failed attempts at trying to make a Go of it in the Fashion Arena. The way Pablo Coppola is Steadily pushing forward while first BUILDING the Brand is Not only Admirable, It's Sensible! Another Season filled with Effortless clothes as he presented today and he'll be ready for the Defile in no time! 

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