Thursday, September 4, 2014

Acne Studios.

Sat. 03/01/2014.

Acne has under the hands of it's Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, started upping it's Style Quotient with more ambitious offerings and an Eye towards what is going on in the Zeitgeist while still putting a Recognizable "Acne" Spin on it. This season, Fall 2014, Seems like the Surest step so far Taken! With this collection, Acne furthered the dialogue of the house and made it Relevant to the Now.

If one was looking for an Identifiable unifying theme, to be sure, there was one. That it mattered was another thing entirely. Inspired by Sea and Water and such things, the collection did have an Aquatic nature to it, Though that hardly was of any concern to the clothes. They were Strikingly forward Thinking and Looking, Classic and Modern all at once. There was a Bit of a Fendi flavour to the proceedings that was more than welcome. It pushed the clothes into the FASHION Mould more distinctly than anything could have. 

Some Swirling optical prints suggested Water and Waves but the pieces that spoke the most were the ones that needed no specific referencing to anything else, A Deep Mahogany Zip front Tunic over Saffron Herringbone Tweed pants was saying more about Chic than any inspiration could have provided. As was a Pea Soup Green Leather Pullover dress with Drawstrings that was as supple as Silk and threaded the whole Luxe/Sporty Needle Marvellously! A bonded Black Leather Pullover dress also hit EVERY Single Right note and those Iridescent Metallicized Croc Leather pieces (Especially the Peridot Green one on Alana Zimmer at Exit No. 39) are gonna keep the Fashionistas Up at night dreaming about them! 

Johansson seems well equipped to push Acne even further, although as Daring and Forward in it's approach as this show was, he doesn't really need to push much. This was a Spectacular example of a Design house getting ready for it's moment in the Spotlight with Serious Fashion and Serious Attitude. Johansson needs to get his Face on... He's about to become quite Popular! 

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