Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Miu Miu.

Weds. 03/05/2014.

Taking the time to decode all the Subtle Eccentricities and Codes of Prada is something of an Exhaustive and Quite Honestly, Irritating task sometimes... Sometimes it should JUST be about the Clothes, No? Prada Layers on the MEANING and SUBTEXT and INFERENCE So thick sometimes that only the most Pompous of Fashion Aesthetes get all Swoony about it (Tim Blanks, Anyone?) Other times you know people like Wintour and Bailey, when it boils right down to it, are just wondering... Are the Clothes Salable? Can we Shoot them for the Magazine? Good, They're both...???  Fine! Cut, Print, Wrap! It's Ovah! Prada can't help herself, It's her Modus Operandi and I would never expect her to be any different, but sometimes as the Voyeur, You just GOTTA Cut through all the Inanity and Asininity and Downright HORSESHIT and Get to the Damn Clothes! 

That's what I shall do. The Fall 2014 Miu Miu presentation... It looked like she made bigger versions of the clothes from the Girls section of Old Navy! It was deeply Sportswear driven and in that Prada was making some kind of Statement of Normality, What it looked like more was that she wasn't trying all too hard to make a Show. There were some Wonderful Windbreakers and Coats, but all those bare short shift dresses in those sickeningly Girlish Brocades and Jacquards were Off-Putting in the Utmost and looked Jejune and Junior! 

The Clear Plastic Macs were the Winners of the day here, and not much else. Prada Needs to Try Harder, And Think Less. This and Spring were Ho-Hum affairs with too much emphasis on Costumey looks and little Depth. This season was lacking from beginning to Confounding End! This is the stuff that may Light some people in the Fashion Industry's Fire, All I was left was Cold! 

That's All.


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