Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Tadashi Shoji.

Thurs. 09/04/2014.

Bellissima! Tadashi Shoji pulled off a Stunner of a Collection that was suffused with Exquisite Beauty from Beginning to end. Even though the collection was Evening-centric, Which is always a Detriment, it was still Captivating. I do stress, as I have many times before, it's not possible to take a collection seriously that is devoted to Evening Confections only. This was one of those collections and it would help immensely if Shoji had shown at the very least One to Two pieces that had no evening association to them, and in that sense this lack of Daywear did Hobble and Cripple the collection from being even greater than it was, which was just a succession of One Sugary Macaroon after another, 

But what Exquisite Macaroons they were... The collection was abundant with pieces to Entrance and Delight! There was much of Shoji's Favored Lace, which was as skillfully manipulated and adorned as usual and in typically Fantastical ways that stole one's breath, Though Shoji did show a Magnificent hand with more simple pieces that had little embellishment to them, Like a Dazzlingly Ice White finely Pleated dress with Sparkly Mesh inset bands surmounted by an Opulent and Dramatic White Lace Opera Cape. Or the Black Chiffon Caftan gown with Flared Sleeves and a panel of Lace down the front that was about as Plain as Shoji got in the collection!

From there, Shoji simply Dazzled with one Fascinating Gown after another, ending with a Gold filigree Lace Ensemble that was Gloriously Decadent! It does matter, Yes, It really does, when a designer shows not Day clothes and only evening wear. It detracts from the specialness of the evening pieces and assails the Eye with no relief. It's like a Meal of Milkshakes... After the 2nd or 3rd... a fatigue and repulsion set in. The Monotony must be broken up! Shoji would do himself Mountains of good to realize that simple fact in the future. 

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