Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Richard Chai-Love

Thurs. 09/04/2014.

Spring 2015 for Richard Chai was not his best showing by any colour. It was Messy, Disheveled, at times Incomprehensible. If it had adhered more to the lines of his Menswear that he presented alongside the Women's maybe it would have worked better. But here, There were random placements of ribbons of drippy, asymmetric fabric just stuck to dresses or slashed away leaving gaping areas of missing fabric. It wasn't Pretty in the least. In all honest fact, it was Patently Ugly! 

Counterpoint all of this with Pajama stripes, Pinstripes and Swirling Applique Patterns and all you had was a Hideous Mess. Even with pieces like the Opening Yellow coat or later a Porcelain Blue belted waist coat that were both greatly wearable and options for any woman on the move... these were not alone, enough to save this exposition from Abject Tragedy. 

Chai usually has a much firmer and steady hand than this, even if he indulges in some whimsy now and then, he most times has the Steely resolve to pull back and Offer a Wearable, Sensible collection. This time, There was not one Iota of that to be found and it was a Sad Disappointment in the Utmost. 

That's All.


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