Thursday, September 11, 2014

Elie Saab Haute Couture.

Weds. 07/09/2014.

It was a collection of Unparalled Beauty. In Fact, it may have been the Finest of Elie Saab's Fantastical Career. Fall 2014 Haute Couture Collection was Stunning. Words Pale in any way of description. Saab must have been inspired by the Greek Muses themselves... ALL of them it would seem. That did not however, Prevent the collection, In all it's Majestic Glory, From being just another Candy Coated Sugar Fest of Glistening Bonbons. There was nothing, Absolutely NOTHING in the way of Newness or the Unexpected in this Presentation. No matter how Terrifically Beautiful Each and Every piece was, it still was just a Parade of Besequined Trifles. One after Another in an Endless Succession of Indulgent Extravagance!

Tedium set in Quickly, Tempered with the most Heavenly Awe Imaginable, one Minute, the viewer of this Phantasmagoria was Taken to the Heights of Ecstasy, the next wishing for some relief from the Richness of what was being presented! This has been the fault of Saab's Collections from Day One. Here that problem was further magnified but the Dumbfounding Beauty of it all. One could not escape how Extraordinary the Spectacle of these pieces were and Yet, that only Enhanced the Crushing Redundancy!

From Ciel Blue, to Midnight Blue, Then on to Salmon and Rose Pink (another Distracting point is Saab's Grouping of Colours by section which is Infuriating) and everything from Cranberry to Glace Blanc to Cafe Au Lait. It was truly work of Godlike proportions. We may never see such beauty again, But that we got the chance to see it in this moment... We are Forever Lucky!

That's All.


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