Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Schiaparelli Haute Couture.

Mon. 07/07/2014.

Marco Zanini Has Done it again! His Fall 2014 Haute Couture show for the House of Schiaparelli was a work of Insane Eccentricity and Beautiful Execution! Where he was Admittedly Afraid of adhering to much to the Elsa Legacy for his Debut almost to the point of ignoring it, here he faced it dead on and didn't Blink. He acknowledged the Histoire du Maison and Campily (In a good Way) Reinterpreted that legacy for the now.

Aside from all that, Zanini's is a Voice that is sorely missing in the Haute Couture. The Voice of I Don't Give A Fuck Extremeness, Like the once Mighty Lacroix and the Missing British duo of Galliano and McQueen. But Zanini is more in tune with Lacroix and it Shows. Who else would pair Acid Green Crocodile and Matched Fur in a Zip front Jacket over a Pleated dress in Neon Granny Smith Green and Purple with a Print of Poodles? Only someone as Fearless as Lacroix in the past would have and now Zanini has taken up that mantle!

There was much to Marvel at, A Tiny Sable Bolero in Milk Chocolate is probably wait listed to February 2015! A Sweeping Pink Coat of Joan Crawford Caliber Embroidered with "ES" in a nod to the Mistress of the House, A Seemingly Simple Copper blouse with a Humongous Bow at the neck paired with High waist Pink Trousers with Super Wide Legs. A DAMN ZOOT SUIT, For Pity's Sake! Just Stunning!

Zanini didn't face the Giant Elephant lurking about in the room to great distraction to himself and fans of the house for his Debut, yet on Imaan Hammam he Faced it Dead on and again, Did not Flinch! The Said Pink Elephant, A piece in Elsa's Signature Shocking Pink. Here he demonstrated no Fear and Supreme Confidence. It was "Shockingly" Good!

This all Augers well for Zanini's Future at The House. He is winning fans and Critical high points with ease and turning out fun clothes like this, Hell, he may even inspire Lacroix to get his Ass back in the game. The Climate seems right for an Eccentrics Take Over, Don't You Think? Vive Le Revolution!

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