Monday, September 8, 2014

Alexander McQueen.

Tues. 03/04/2014.

It was a Typically Grandiloquent and Gobsmacking showing from the Fabled house of Alexander McQueen for Fall 2014. It was Sweeping, Poetic, Romantic, Savage even... Blah.... Blah..... BLAH! Sarah Burton has been Spot-On in her continuation of the Fierce and Fiercely Romantic World of The Late, Great, Lee Alexander McQueen. She is continuing to speak in his Tongue while teaching it a new language that is all her own. This has come across in some Powerful shows of her own, with Technique and Drama To Spare, both merging into something wholly different than what they started out as.

However, Just like Alex, Sarah can get caught up in her own story and begin to look like she's repeating herself without exactly doing that. That is why, this collection felt... Hackneyed. Atavistic. We may not have ever stormed these shores before, But GODDAMN It felt like we had! This was so POINTEDLY McQueen that it felt like it was An Homage, A Costume Drama. Not the look of what McQueen is supposed to be leading into 2015... Damnable for it's Crippling Difficulty in achieving such Beauty, Oh yes!  Do not get me wrong, It was Hellishly Gorgeous, Though, sometimes Gorgeous Ain't Enough! 

Spring was so Tension Coiled and SO Directly FORWARD, as if Burton was Bruce Banner in Shackles and was in the middle of turning into the Hulk and was straining at those restraints... ready at any second to Burst free of them, This felt like the Hulk had been given a rather Potent Cocktail of Morphine and Thorazine and was shrinking back down to Normal Scale. Lee himself was like this, at times Pushing himself outside of his limits and coming back with something Rare and Treasured, But on the very next beat of the dance, He was retreating back into his Safe Place and simply augmenting the work he had done before and calling it the next thing. Burton is following him Step-For-Step!

Summing it up. Yes, it was a Grandly Operatic gesture with Award Deserving Costumes swathing something of such Opulent Proportion. It just wasn't really all that Interesting. A Lot of Technique and a Lot of work trying to live up to a Big Story and in the true heart of the matter, Neither truly had much of anything to say! 

That's All.


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