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Sun. 03/02/2014.


There was one dress that came down the Catwalk at Albert Kreimler's Fall 2014 show for Akris Fused Drama and Simplicity together in one offering, Exit No. 30, A Hauntingly Gorgeous Lighthouse print Gown that was the first in a Passage of these prints. It sort of summed up the entire Show in a sense. Haunting, Elegant, Mysterious, Arty, perhaps even, a Little Dark. The print was taken from a Night-Vision Photograph of Artist Thomas Ruff. It indeed, had a Certain Spookiness to it, in that Surreal Green tint that Night-Vision lenses have, Kreimler further accentuated that Eerie colour with Crystal Square embroidered over the print in a Varied size grid pattern later and made it look Sophisticated and Chic in a Fluid Top coat with a matching Pencil skirt in the print.

Kreimler has been pushing his Akris shows further it would seem, each season. Trying to keep the label relevant by being Inventive and not a small amount risky. It's been paying Rich Dividends. As with all risks, sometimes they don't pay off as handsomely, Last Spring there was a bit of that trade off, but here today, Solid as a Rock! Even the Space-y Prints when taken apart and not shown so Monochromatically are winners! The biggest risk was the finale outfits that had LED Lights embedded in them, and their filaments of wires running through the pieces looked like embroidery. It was a Brilliant effect and when the lights went down and the models came out for their final stalk of the Catwalk, They looked Spookily Awe-Inspiring!

Kreimler is keeping Akris positioned at the forefront of the Modern Fashion Conversation. With this collection, he'll win new fans and satisfy old ones. That's a Delicate Balancing Act, One that Kreimler is proving Especially Adept At!

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