Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Weds. 03/05/2014.

What A Way To Go. By the writing of this it is well known that Christophe Lemaire has Exited his design duties at Hermes to focus on his own label, Best of luck to him. It's a Bittersweet collection then when one realizes that Lemaire was in that Sweet spot and hitting collections Out of The Park like his Name was Cabrera! This Was one of those Hits.

Not to suffer in the Saccharine or Melancholy, Short and Sweet and To The Point will be this Review. This was a Touching Farewell to his clients and he gave them EVERY SINGLE THING They would need for the Coming Fall-Winter months and gave them these items in some of the most Exquisitely Luxuriant and Expensive forms available! From the Massive, Yet lightweight Great coats (the one that Opened in Pearl Grey was beyond Sensational) to Tailored Pantsuits with Generous Slacks, From Opulent and Sumptuous knits to a Leather Blouson Jacket and Pants ensemble that was as Tender as Grandmother's Biscuits!

But you say Standouts... Oh God, where to Start? A Funnel Neck Double zip front Knit Tunic in a Shade of Mossy Green, Or the Most Perfect Pantsuit in the Known Galaxy on Tilda Lindstam in Wheat paired with a Simple Tee. Or the Heart Stopper... A grained Black Leather Wrap coat that must have been made by Angels, it was so Sublimely Soft and Supple...

As an Exit, Lemaire is leaving the house positioned for it's new Designer to do some Amazing stuff. They will have an archive of Utter Greatness to Cull from and Adapt to their own taste. But it will be the Rare talent that will outshine Lemaire's Contribution to the House of Hermes. He was The Human Equivalent of a Kelly Bag. And like each Kelly bag that is made, He was One-Of-A-Kind! 

That's All.


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