Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Atelier Versace.

Sun. 07/06/2014.

Taking chances is a Good thing, Taking chances. in Fashion, is an Essential part of Forwarding the ideas and designs of a house and Keeping things fresh. Sometimes, However, in that spirit of Risk, things can backfire. That was the case for Donatella Versace and the Fall 2014 Atelier Versace collection. Her risk taking paid off Big Time in certain ways and in others, Kind of a Miss! The Miss? Those Unfortunate One Pant leg pieces that at First blush had a Cool, Look-At-Me... I'm-New feeling to them and were getting points for being new and innovative, Yet the longer you looked, the more Annoying and Distracting they became. 

Elsewhere, The Huge Draped Ballskirts that ended the show were Pure Perfection. In between, we had a Fifties influence that came and went pretty damn quick. As the show opened we had the Corseted waist of the 50's silhouettes on display in a Pair of Suits that were Instant Successes and a White Pantsuit that was just Smouldering with Glamour! 

One thing that was Patently evident, Donatella was Channeling her Bro, Gianni for SURE in this collection. From the Rolled, Padded sleeve trims on some of the gowns to the Draping of all those Ball skirts... Look at Exit No. 25 and tell Me that isn't something Gianni would have done!?! Aside from that, Almost nothing with the One Leg Idea worked... Except that One Hybrid Pant/Gown on Anja Rubik in the Crystal Mesh. It could be because it was the best of the offerings in this Idea... Or that it was on the Stunning Perfection of a She-Beast that is Anja! I think it was a little of both! 

As for those Ballskirts... again, Brother Gianni would be Proud as a Peacock seeing these! That they were attached to Corseted (Hidden inside) Bodysuits made them all the more Uber-Moderne. The Black skirted one on Kati Nescher looked like Leather but was actually Glazed Silk and was Truly Stunning. The Antique Pink one on Daria Strokous was in Duchesse and was Mind Blowingly Phenomenal! While the White Glazed Silk that ended the show on Stella Tennant could function as a De Facto Wedding Gown. 

While the risks didn't pay off as much as the Beyond Spectacular design of the rest of the collection, it was refreshing to see Donatella step outside her area of most comfort and do something new. The collection was a Head to Toe winner for that simple fact alone!

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