Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Armani Prive.

Tues. 07/08/2014.

When He's Good... He's Very, Very Good! Giorgio Armani put on a Stellar Show for his Fall 2014 Armani Prive line. It was Young, Fresh, Interesting, Polished, Jubilant! There was a bit of a Infuriating Tendency to Repeat Outfits EXACTLY, and that can cause one to see more Red than was present on the Runway, but otherwise, this was a Stellar collection.

Concentrating on Red and Black and White there was as equally Japanese as Russian Constructivist Art Inspirations to be found. The Immediacy of all that Black and Red and White was Powerful, in less steady hands it could have Easily overwhelmed, But Armani managed to keep it Young and Strict even without ever swerving into Severity! Armani showcased to Absolute Pinpoint Precision how Scalpel Sharp his Tailoring is here from a series of Zip front and Hidden Closure Jackets that were all Small, Trim, Neat and Sleekly fitted to the torso. A Fine example was the Cutaway Black Blazer of a Skirt Suit at Exit No. 18 that was so Shockingly Perfect, it hurt to gaze upon it!

Add to the mix AMAZING Coats like the White coat with Black and Red "Plaid" Stripes or the Black Asymmetric coat with Elbow length sleeves that exploded into Fluffy Pompoms of Feather at the cuffs. And Evening... Don't Even Get Me Started. One Wondrous Creation after another. From Perfect "Le Petite Robe Noire" offerings to a Gown whisked into a Frothy Frenzy of tiers in White Tulle Veiled in Red Crystal dotted Black net. Or, a Red Crystal Encrusted Strapeless Black gown with Hi-Lo Hem and one of the Most Stunning in the show... A Corolla of Tulle Tiers in Screaming Lacquer Red with a Strapless beaded bodice... DRAMA!

Armani Reprieved himself from Spring Prive's Stunningly Disappointing showing and crafted a HIT of a show with this one. This is the kind of show that will linger on in one's memory for years to come and will be a call back of more Halcyon days when the Master throws out one of his Retrogressive Downers. Oh, Believe, Armani will fall back on old tropes, But if we can struggle along through those we do get to see Bright moments such as this one... and that makes the Fight worth it all!

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