Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Christian Dior.

Fri. 02/28/2014.

Can it be that Raf Simons is FINALLY Getting it Right at Maison Dior? Well, Yes and No. For Fall 2014 there was a LOT that was done Right. But, as befitting Simons, A whole Shit ton that was done Wrong too! Main among the wrong... The Foolish, Head Scratching, Unfathomable Reason for showing the SAME Coats and SAME Jackets OVER AND OVER Again in Different Colours with NO Variation in cut or Design? WHY? Pardon Mon Francais, But WHAT THE FUCK? It was Bewildering in all the Worst possible forms! 

Even as Well Cut, Tailored and Skillfully rendered as they were, that Simons' showed the same Coat about Fifteen times was Infuriating to say the Absolute Very Least! And why the Hooker short hemlines? No, Just No! I can't even go into how Distracting they were! When things did begin to pick up, They fell down not a few Scarce moments later. Those Bi-Colour dresses with the Jeweled brooch like Embroidery were good in Salmon and Black and Wonderful in Fuchsia and Grass Green (that colour combo was a One-Two Punch of Wow and Ballsy for Simons and I Applaud him for the Daring) but the rest were Dumpy and Horribly Made. 

A couple of Padded Corset laced Hourglass Cocktail numbers in Navy and Army Green Were Heavenly. As were the Pepto Pink Asymmetric Hi-Lo hem Evening gown which was Cut like a Couture Gown and the Jaw-Dropping Grass Green Floor-Length Opera gown that followed that was worth the price of admission for the Entire show. It was DEVASTATING! 

After those beauties, Except for some Padded Quilted Hi-Lo hem Short Ball-Skirted Evening Dresses, the rest Sucked. It was Fine from a Clothing standpoint, But as for anything else, it was Lacking and Lacklustre. Maybe One Day, In the Foreseeable Future... Raf will Win me Over. Here, with a couple of Award-Winning Moments,, He Did! And the Immensity of the Brilliance of Those Pink And Green Gowns is giving me the Hope that he can get it right! 

That's All.


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