Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Thurs. 02/27/2014.

A Balmain Safari! Now I didn't see THAT Coming! Usually, Olivier Rousteing has more Rock and Rococo ideas on his mind, But that he found his Heart of Darkness and traveled into the African Bush, and Came back with his Rollicking Rockin' Safari was good news for All! HUZZAH! It was certainly a more Mature Outing for Rousteing. But don't let the Maturity aspect fool you, He's still got a Wild Child Soul ready to Indulge in all manner of OTT Escapades with his clothes... Would it Be Balmain if it were not so?

Rousteing Showed his usual Signatures for Fall but toned down some of the Outright Glitz and Embellishment that is per usual. This came Via a rather more Quiet style of dressing, The Safari/Saharienne look that Rousteing reworked in his own Inimitable Balmain Way! He found himself a new Fascination as well, Flared, Gladiator Pleated Peplums. They Gave a Couture feel to the clothes and added some dimension that made the Tight Waists look even smaller while he freed up the silhouette elsewhere.

And if there was going to be a Safari to be had, Why not Smother things in Animal Prints, Naturellement? Cheetah and Leopard spots clashed with Zebra Stripes to Sexy Effect and brought in that usual touch of Surface Decoration that is most oft presented by Rousteing in Scads and Scads of Embroidery, here there were embellishments, OH MY YES, Grommets and Leather Lacing and Brassy Rings and Stud and Beads, but they part of a More intricate Mosaic of design than just thrown on to catch a Magpie's Eye! There was also Much in Silk Rope detailing that in some exits comprised the entire outfit.

The workmanship here was Incalculably Stunning and Effective to boot, However with such Lavish and Rich Detailing, Keeping things simpler at times would have gone a long way towards given a bit of Breathing room to the collection. Those One Sleeved pantsuits were frankly Distracting and not in a good way and should have been Mercifully Aborted from the collection. And there was Just One or Two too many of those Gladiator Pleat Peplums running Amok, to be sure! To wit, One of the Finest moments in the collection was when Anja Rubik Strolled down in a Belted Black Leather Car Coat. It was SO Simple and SO Necessary! Even though it hid under it's Sleek Simplicity a Dress of Intricate design, it only peeked through in the Neckline and a Tiny Slice at the hem!

If not for running a handful of Exits too long, Rousteing would have had a Cataclysm of a Success on his hands, He would have Fared better also by simplifying a good Dozen or more of the remaining exits, That would have made the examples of his Extravagances more Pointed in their Relief! But, that's Picking a few too many Nits. It was Phantasmagorically Delicious. Sexy and Strong and Full of Power. The Balmain Woman will Never Be the same after this!

That's All.


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