Thursday, September 18, 2014


Thurs. 09/04/2014.

Beginning a little Underwhelmingly, the Tome Spring 2015 collection designed by the Duo of Ramon Martin and Ryan Lobo, Settled into it's Groove after a few exits, It Really did Groove! Gleaning Inspiration from Two Indian Artists, Photographer Dayanita Singh and Dancer Rukmin Devi. India was the Starting point, but the collection felt as American and Urban as any other collection shown this season, the Exotic overtone lent an air of the Faraway, but the clothes were rooted firmly at home. 

The opening pieces set the tone and were convincing enough, but had an Awkward air to them that begged for the pieces to be reconfigured in ways different than Martin and Lobo showed them. Around Exit No.10, things Snapped Firmly into focus and the Sailing was smooth from then on. As Rote as it may sound, it is a time tested, Tried and True Axiom, The Simpler, The Better. This was much the case today, as Lovely as the Elaborate pieces were, when Lobo and Martin kept things simple, It was Winning... A Black Lace and Plisse Satin Chiffon Dress on Ajak Deng... A sash waisted Black-on-White Pinstripe Shirtdress... The Slinky Black Plisse gown that ended the show. 

Lobo and Martin have Gained a lot of attention very Quickly and it is befitting them. They are Extremely Talented Designers and with the Crowd overflowing with Design Duos that are making their Marks, currently, One has the feeling that the Tome Duo is going to be among the Wheat Separated from the Chaff. Lobo and Martin have the goods to be one of the Upcoming Power Players in Fashion, New York and Beyond. It'll be truly gratifying to see how they change the face of fashion as they grow more Established. 

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