Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Wes Gordon.

Fri. 09/05/2014.

The New Minimalism. This is what occurred in the viewer's Mind as they witnessed Wes Gordon's Electrifying Spring 2015 Collection. Perusing this show, one witnessed a Synthesis of all the elements that make Wes Gordon... Wes Gordon! Distilled to a Crystalline Essence, Gordon has honed in on what his aesthetic is and how to best serve Said Aesthetic. There is an Unwavering and Frankly, Uncanny Channeling of the Minimalist period of the Early-to-Mid 90's that was embodied by the likes of Calvin Klein, Helmut Lang, and Narciso Rodriguez and even yes, Michael Kors who famously uttered about his Fall 1994 Collection that there wasn't "One Sequin, Feather, Or Bead in the ENTIRE Collection!" In some small, minute way, this collection brought to mind that Masterpiece of a collection. 

Gordon, Quite honestly, is one of the most Carefully Considerate designers in the business. His clothes are the pieces that are going to last the client a lifetime and look as Good 25 years from now as they In this Minute! Gordon is building his Brand on Unassailable Technical Facility and Design, and this Collection had both of those factors in Spades! Even in comparison to his 2014 Collections, Gordon has Pared back his aesthetic even more so. All that remained was the Essential Design Elements and his Magical usage of Fabric.

Gordon's collection focused on Design Purity and Simplicity, However, Simplicity did not mean Plainness or Boring. The collection simmered with a Sensual undercurrent that was garbed in the Flawless Chic of his Classic yet slightly skewed Sportswear. The Opening Exit hearkened back to the Calvin Klein Heady days of the 90's with an updated and Sleekly Severe Black Slip dress that gracefully slid over the body and revealed without being... Revealing! From this outpost, Gordon's Journey began and he traversed a path of Striking and Stringent Simplicity that never developed into the Boring or Banal.

A Black crewneck and White Pencil Skirt should have looked as basic as White Toast, but in Gordon's hands Simmered with Classic Chic, and a Papyrus coloured Suede Duster that surmounted a long Rib-Knit Black dress had Toughness and Gentleness in equal measure. A Linen coloured Pantsuit Had a Tomboy Strength to it that Gordon was careful in not sublimating so that it was Far more interesting than if he had Femmed it up any. This Tomboy quality is what infused the collection with such Modernity. Counterpointed by the more Bracingly Feminine aspects of the collection these two halves struck a Harmonious Balance.

Gordon has given Fine evidence with this Sharp, Sexy, Exactingly Edited collection, that he is ready to take his place as a Major Player on the Field of Fashion. This was, without One Iota of doubt, his Strongest showing and a Distillation of what is the Essence of Wes Gordon. Continuing forth in this way, he will in very little time be seen as the Luminary he is Destined to become. The Shine of his Star is already Quite Lustrous, It's only a matter of brief waiting for that Star to go Supernova!

That's All.


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