Sunday, September 14, 2014


Thurs. 09/04/2014.

In his second collection of Ready-To-Wear for the House of Coach, Stuart Vevers is throwing convention to the Four Winds and Jettisoning the house into the Future, Whether it's ready or not. With a Collection that was Eschewing anything that wasn't Young, Fun and in a sense, Girly, Vevers showed Comic Book Colour and Characters splashed across everything and a feeling of Vivaciousness that was Nigh Impossible to ignore. Starting from the position of the Glassy Sugar Almond Coloured furs that opened the show, to the Quirky, Kooky, Gary Baseman comic characters, These options quickly pronounced that this was not the Coach of Yesteryear! 

For the moment, it would seem, Vevers is focusing on Sportswear, and doing a mighty fine job. from a Coral Pink Leather Shirt dress to a White Fisherman's coat and the most Perfect Flared Pants in the World in Sapphire and Powder Blue. Vevers is newly ensconced at the House of Coach and it seems he is finding it a Natural fit. The Handbags are looking Fresh and the sportswear is on everyone in the Fashion game's Lips. So Vevers is obviously, doing something right. 

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