Friday, September 19, 2014

Kate Spade New York.

Fri. 09/05/2014.

Deborah Lloyd took a Step Back, a Deep Breath and decided to Take It Easy for Spring 2015. Lloyd's Kate Spade collection was not as Strong as the last few collections have been, But did what it needed to do and kept the collection Up-To-Date and Fresh. Lloyd was looking to create a wardrobe for Relaxing, be that Poolside as in a Pool Reflection Print, or Hanging out in the Park, or just some good old Sitting on the lawn reading a book Leisure time. Who says leisure needs to be Jeans and Flip-Flops!?!? 

Lloyd's best pieces in the collection were the ones that still looked like Fashion and not Loungewear. there was a play between Chic, Simpler pieces and More Dressy, Elegant Wear. The elegant pieces won out handily, A Rose print on a Striped Full-Skirted dress was Delightful, As was a Prim and Pristine White shift decorated with Sequin Flowers. The rest of the pieces skewed slightly less "Fashion" and did disappoint slightly. They were a Smidge too Everyday, even though they were more Upmarket than your basic Chain Store offering. 

Kate Spade has been Upping the ante recently, competing with the more major players in the Fashion Arena, This felt like, as Aforementioned above, A Step Back. It wasn't Lloyd's Strongest showing, nor her best, but it will keep things moving along nicely and Serve it's Clients well. Perhaps, Next Season will see that Sparkle that we had been witnessing return!  

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