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Tues. 09/02/2014.


Daniel Wingate, Creative head of Escada is trying to win over Newer, Younger Clients while Revitalizing the brand for the Old School Clientele to make them feel Part of the new Fashion World. Escada Has a long and storied history of playing to it's Rich, Upper Class Society clients, but even those women now don't want the Mantle of Richesse that used to hang about the Escada Brand. Wingate is charged with keeping the label relevant to it's Stalwarts but also to entice new clients into the Fold.

He accomplished that mostly with a Breezy, Fresh and Youthfully Playful Spring 2015 Collection that flirted with Less stuffy looks than usual, but still maintained a Healthy Respect for the History of the house! A Sleek and Sharp Black Pantsuit was Tickled with Black Enameled Studs which gave it a Current feeling while still being Strong and Sexy, Also of Note was a Tangerine Belted Silk Jacket over a Pair of Cocoa coloured Skinny pants that was Catering more to the Established Clientele while still having appeal for a Younger one. A Devore Organza asymmetric shift dress in Violet was a Stunner and Bridged the Gap between the two halves Swimmingly!

Wingate has vacillated as of late between forcefully pushing Escada into a New Sphere and relying on only tinkering with the house codes. This was one of those Pushes. He may find he needs to push a little more adamantly if he wants to break the Escada name free from it's past associations. He can do it, He just has to Commit!

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