Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Alexis Mabille Haute Couture.

Mon. 07/07/2014.

Susan Sontag. Now that's not a name Associated with Haute Couture Usually... But Alexis Mabille used her Quote, "What is Most Beautiful in Virile Men is something Feminine, What is Most Beautiful in Feminine Women is something Masculine" as his Inspire! It didn't do a damn thing in making the collection more Palatable or less Muddled.

Mabille just doesn't seem to know when to Pull back the reigns and EDIT! His Fall 2014 Couture collection was trying to Inject a little Masculinity into Frothy Feminine Frippery and Failed Miserably. The collection was still full of Frou-Frou and Meretricious Excess. The whole Masculine Idea was hopelessly lost and pretty much nowhere to be found. Mabille's work is always not just One or Two steps over the line of Good Taste, but a few YARDS over the line and it makes his work look Cheap and Costumey in it's most Over-Indulged Moments. 

There were moments of Relief, A Sleeveless Black Lace gown frosted with White Lace at the hem and Slit WAY up the front was actually Quite the Siren Gown. The White Lace and Black gown with Cape back had Glamourous Possibilities as did the Ivory and Champagne gown Embroidered with Parrots and Toucans on Branches that looked Quite Whimsically Lovely. but the best piece was honestly the simplest, A Broadtail jacket with Mink trim worn over a Short beaded Lace Shift. It was Wonderful, Restrained and Elegant. 

But when it goes wrong... it goes WAY WRONG! That happened here today, but Thankfully, Mercifully. Not too much. The collection was split Down the middle of Great and Ruh-Roh Rhaggy! Mabille is Way too talented for such Juvenile Excesses. He needs to Refine, Refine, Refine his Aesthetic and Weed out the pieces that are just Exercises in Audacity and Learn that True Audacity is when something can Incite Awe and Equally, Channel Restraint! When he gets that Mix right, He'll be a Dangerous Couturier! 

That's All.


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