Saturday, September 13, 2014

Josie Natori.

Weds. 09/03/2014.

Spring 2015 found Josie Natori Languidly relaxing on some Tropic Isle, Locale unknown and Unspecified. Translating that idea into the Clothes on the Catwalk gave us clothes that were Breezy, Floaty and Filmy. The Tropical, Beachy feeling also was reflected in the Refreshing and Cool tones of Stone, Neutral, and White. A Cap sleeve tunic and Pants set with a Beaded belt at the waist was Immediately calling to mind White Sands and Arid winds blowing through one's hair! 

Natori is proving herself Adeptly suited to Sportswear and to Splashy Colour. Lemon Citron, Papaya Orange, Lime Citron. There was Antique Rose, Indigo Blue and Midnight Blue in the sections that followed, and another White interlude and finally, Bronze on the last few evening pieces. Within this too, Natori is showcasing astounding technical facility. Sublime Drape and Cut are now hallmarks that have been seen in her collections Thus far, and here was no different.

Although there were many Subtle and equally Extrovert embellishments, the pieces that stood out the most were blissfully stripped bare of the Extraneous, Like an Indigo Blue Pajama set with a Wrap over neckline and sashed top over Liquid pants. Being that Lingerie is her strong suit, little wonder that, but it had such Urban Elegant ease that it Transcended any Sleepwear associations!

Ending with an almost Dolce & Gabbana-like play, the whole finale parade of models had on simple white tops and wildly printed Sarongs or Palazzo Pajama pants made for strolling along the beach at Midnight or Sunrise...  Natori is upping her Ante season to season and making the case for her becoming one of the big cats in the Zoo that is NY Fashion. If she stays the course, We can expect even Grander things to come!

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