Friday, September 19, 2014

Peter Som.

Fri. 09/05/2014.

Peter Som.

Peter Som was in something of a Experimental mood for Spring 2015, which didn't always play out for the best. Within the context of the experiments, the clothes looked very Forced and Tricky, but when Som let his natural instincts take over, things looked Incredible. His Bizarre and Distracting colour scheme at times was Offbeat in a very Insouciant way. When it didn't work, it had the effect of being Queasy Making.

There was much going on to Assail the eye. Off-Colour Floral combos and Colour Blocking were awkward, less awkward though than the Apron like wrap skirts that were layered on top of Shirts, Dresses and Skirts. These "Aprons" were Unfortunate and Unpleasantly Unattractive. At times, Som did hit the Right notes and the results were Quite Spectacular. A Simple Kiwi Green Snakeskin Sheath dress under a coat in a Brocaded Floral print was one of these Right notes. As was a Maxi Dress in Bold Blocked stripes in Navy, White, Almond and Kiwi was just the thing for an Evening on the Beach or Summer in the City.

The Axiom holds true, The Simpler, The Better. When Som let the purity of his work shine through, These outfits were winners, a Billowy White Shirt over Swim briefs, Or a Avocado Green Robe Coat over a Floral print shift.  A Glamourous Black Chiffon Floral print gown in Green, White and Orange at Exit No. 27 Had a De La Renta Flair to it, as did the GORGEOUS Finale Ballgown in Strapless Iridescent Carrot Orange Faille.

Som gave an Uneven if, Exuberant effort this season. It had those moments of Signature Som, Like that Striped Maxi Dress, which sang like an Opera Diva, but much of the time, this felt like a Misguided venture with Less than Satisfactory clothes littering the path. The High Points were indeed Mountainous, the disappointing opposite of that is that the Low Points, Well... Were Canyon Deep in Scale!

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