Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Creatures Of The Wind.

 Thurs. 09/04/2014.

"Fata Morgana" A Optical Mirage that Distorts and Transforms the Object that it is portraying is a Rather Esoteric Well of Inspiration to Draw from. When the results are as Incredible as Shane Gabier and Christopher Peters Creatures Of The Wind Spring 2015 collection, I say, Draw On! The Duo has been Consciously Paring back their trademark eccentricities over the last season or so, with the most Wondrous Results. 

Being Eccentrics, The Duo have a Trademark Quirkiness to their collections that have caught them the eye of the Fashion Cognoscenti, But as The Gabier and Peters "Style" has Matured, there has been a Reconstruction of that Quirk into something Far Less outrageous than what they have given us before. This Collection was their best to date, by Far! It was Eloquently Stylish and still Kooky! There was a 70's Housewife Vibe to the clothes that lent an Unhinged quality to show, and also which was the Twist to keep the proceedings from being too Madame! 

On Display for one's perusal, A Tissue thin Coat of Paper Voile that was thrown Off-Kilter by the oversized Bow tied at the neck, draped About a Black Dress that was Elegant and Haute without any of the Preciousness that could filter into such an Outfit. Try also, the Tomato Red Deep V-Neck Sweater with the Black Leather Dirndl skirt that was just off enough to turn it's normalcy on it's Ear. Then there was the Spanish Infanta Flair of a Pair of Swinging, Densely Embroidered Black on Black skirts and a Gilet in Antique Plum that were Exquisitely Stunning! 

What really surprised were the Ultra Special Couture quality Evening pieces that stood out so Sharply amongst the throng. From a Black cutout shoulder dress with insets of Four colours of Sequins which was Surprising and Ever so slightly imbalanced, and that made it Decidedly Modern, while a Cardinal Red Chiffon gown with a Beaded, Embroidered bodice also had those Quad Coloured Sequins as Cap Sleeve "Straps" and was as much a Siren gown as anything that will be produced this season! And the most Eloquent of Shockers, A Ballgown with a Cocoa Sequin bodice and skirt in Suntan was just waiting for it's Red Carpet. 

Gabier and Peters are poised for Greatness, This Collection is positioning them to become Major players in the Big Leagues. From what was presented here, They look like they will have just the Pop in their bats to keep them in Rotation for many a season! 

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