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Tues. 03/04/2014.

How is it that in the span of barely 6 months... Karl Lagerfeld Transformed from Art Maven to Cowboy to Intergalactic Night Club Impresario to now... Mega Mart Magnate? It is Frightening in which the speed that Lagerfeld's Mind works at. He is thinking up and about things in such Copious Layers that I am very sure HE isn't always fully aware of what and why he does things. He is awfully fond of saying he doesn't think too much about things, he just does, if it's right, if it's wrong, he just goes by his Instincts coupled with his Intellect. It was a Billion Dollar Bold move to Transform the Grand Palais into a Nearly 140,000 Square Foot Supermarket Stocked with over 100,000 items varying from such playful play on words Items as Jambon Cambon (Ham), to Le Cube Chanel Bouillon... From Lait De Coco (Coconut Milk), to Huile D'Olive Extra Vierge, Domaine de Roquebrune (which is where Coco's Summer house, La Pausa is located!) to Tons of Produce and Cheeses and Smoked Salmon and Sausages and Gummies to My Personal Favorite, The CHAINSAW with the Leather Threaded Chanel Classic Flap Bag Chain handle as the Chain!!!  It was Utterly, Head Spinningly Dazzling! 

P.S. There was Literal LOOTING of the Gargantuan Spectacle of a Set by the Fashion Fashionable in attendance, Ripping the "Madamoiselle Prive" Doormats and Kitchen Towels and Feather Dusters, Vases, Flacons and all manner of home products that were not faked for the runway (Like the Paints and The Sirops and Such) Security had to gently... Ahem... "PERSUADE" The looters to part with their Items before trying to leave the Grand Palais Show place! MADNESS!

Before we go into the clothes, One must remark on the rather Bitter undercurrent of Sarcasm that Lagerfeld's Mind was ping-ponging around with this Sharply Biting Jab at his Fashion Junkie Followers. That, even though 80% of the products were fake, it proved How Ravenous we all would be (Me Included) if such a Supermarket of the Chanel Existed! The previously mentioned looting just goes to show that people with Great amounts of Money and Good jobs are reduced to Animalistic ripping and Clawing at Goods that were produced for a "FANTASY" That even though they already had Much free swag as being invited guests to the Extravaganza... It wasn't Enough! They Hungrily wanted MORE Iconography. It was the Savage Inverse of these same people wondering how much the Art was on display at the Spring Show and being told with great delight that it wasn't for sale! Where they wanted more of the Chanel World to indulge in but couldn't... Now they were going to TAKE it, Whether it was for Sale or Not! Karl couldn't have Possibly known this (Or Could he...???) would be the result. But one seems to get the impression that he may have Vaguely Fathomed it somewhere in his Diabolical Mind!

So what does that say about us? That we have become like Crack addicts to the Celebrity of Fashion? look at how the Twitterverse and Facebookland and Instagramworld Blew The Ever Loving FUCK UP Because Kendall Jenner (Sister of the Whore of Media that is Kim Kardashian) walked in the Show. Was that another Karl Calculation? Who can Say? It did get as much publicity (Perhaps More) than Lagerfeld's Gaudily and Horrendously Expensive  Epic Phatasmagoria of a Set and Show! And Karl is all too aware that any publicity, is Good publicity and will keep Chanel and His name on Peoples Lips! It was a Stratagem of Diabolic Envisioning.

The Clothes... Well. Let's simply say, Fabulous! There, AS ALWAYS, are too many Spectacular items in a Chanel Blockbuster to put down in one review... you'd need a full Catalog to do that. But Karl did Continue the conversation he started in the Spring Couture concerning Sneakers and Corseted waistlines, but now more Democratic and Less Precious (Well not everyone can afford $6,000.00+ Handmade Sneakers, Can they?) and Less Punishing (The Corseting is now adjustable via Zippers) and the Sneaks have risen to become Knee-High boots (a Witty Jab at Converse, perhaps?)

There was a Stranger than Ever, For Karl, interest in Bulkier Volumes that were far more Forgiving than his usual assault on all things less than Pencil Thin. The Blouson tops of the Zippered Corset waists and the slightly more full bottoms of the same pieces gave a new Freedom that had some saying that they clothes were Heavy, Cumbersome, Un-Lithe! There did seem to be a Generosity to the clothes that would make them more... Shall we say, Egalitarian. Yet and Still, This is Lagerfeld we are talking about, so for every more Generous Silhouette there was something just as Spirit Crushingly Slim and Lean waiting around the corner!

Karl found inspiration in Optical Art as well this season but did it an Abstract Art kind of way that recalled Matisse or Miro or even Ellsworth Kelly. They were Gaily Bright and Fun and a refreshing addition, especially when paired with the three "Citrus" Colour Tweed coats lined in the print and worn with Tops or Dresses and Scarves of the print and all worn with Leather Pants in "Orange" "Lemon" and "Lime" Witty, No? A Pair of Zip-Front Tweed suits were cut with Couture Attention to detail and made quite the impression in Camel and Dark Magenta. The Black Leather Dress with Beaded "Zipper" Details on Joan Smalls was also speaking volumes!

More moments... Ok! The Layering of Bermuda shorts layered over wide leg Pants lent even more credence to the fact that Lagerfeld was thinking more Broadly... And, The Accessories.... HEAVEN! The Tweed Sunglasses are IMMEDIATE MUST HAVES, The Aforementioned Mixed Media Sneakers, The Shrink Wrapped handbags like Meat from the Grocers with labels stuck on them proclaiming 100% Agneau or Veau  (Meaning either 100% Lambskin or Calfskin) The Gigantic Padlocks... For spring there were "Earphone" Pearls, Now there are Real Earphones. There was Too, Too much abound to fully grasp even in a Thrice-Over. And that is precisely what made it so Enchanting and Silly and Uplifting.

Whether there was an Uppercut to the face kind of commentary on Consumerism and Satire on The Fashion Worlds Endless obsession with Labels... It all didn't matter in the end. In the end, It was just a Fantastically Jolly, Funny, Stupid Romp through a Megalithic Supermarket in Wildly Expensive clothes and Gym Shoes! And if you look at it that way, Then Lagerfeld's Achievement was Far more Monumental than any of the other Subtexts Combined!

That's All.


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