Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Gareth Pugh.

Weds. 02/26/2014.

To look for a definition of what Gareth Pugh shows in his collections is a bit of a Fool's Task. Meaning isn't Forthcoming. Pugh himself really doesn't understand his Impulses and why he does what he does, in that he is perhaps the most Organic Designer in Fashion. He let's his Whims and Skills take him where they lead and then his Intellect Edits and Refines them into somewhat of a Unified Whole with still no Distinct Impetus behind any of the Machinations. 

For Fall 2014, Pugh created another Masterpiece of the Breathtaking. Shown in Virtually only White and Variants thereof, (Sand, Cream, Ivoire) with Clear Plastic Covering (the kind they use as drops when Painting or doing Construction) and what could be Called Silver but was actually a totally Mirrored Synthetic material... It was Strange, It was Kinda Creepy, It was ASTOUNDING! 

As a Grad of Central St. Martin's, You KNOW Pugh knows how to Tailor and Cut with the skill of a Surgeon, and those skills were never more evident than Today. Even when he was using material that looked like yards of Wetnaps whipped into Souffles and Meringues of Wafting Structure, His skill shone through like a Beacon. He even Whipped up a Frothy offering of Savage Fur pelts on Sasha Luss at Exit No. 6!

There was a Definite play on Shape, rather it be Sharp and Attenuated or Breezy and Fluffy, Shape was the Key. Romance was also one cornerstone to the collection, One couldn't look at all this usage of Crumpled, Floating Volumes and not get something of an Air of Hard-Edged Romance. Even the Sharpest looks felt imbued with a Fragility and Grace that brought to mind Sentimentality! 

This was a collection for the Ages. Reams and reams of Text are not required to give context or meaning to a collection such as this. It was something that was Felt, Experienced, even if you didn't attend the images of this Stunning Work of Brilliance are there for one to pore over and Ingest as they would choose. Words can't impart  how Viscerally a collection such as this one can unearth you from the realm of the Commonplace and Transport you to a New, Unfamiliar Sphere. 

Ultimately, All one can truly put forth is, If Pugh Himself cannot Verbalize what it is that makes what he does, what it is,,, Whom am I or anyone else to try and do it for him!?!?

That's All.


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