Thursday, September 18, 2014


Thurs. 09/04/2014.

How Giovanna Randall manages to Delight each season with her Feminine Frippery is a Wonder. She seems to be dipping in the same well as some more established names and coming up with her own Tantalizing versions, Which are as Eloquently Elaborate as her counterparts in this Milleu. Randall took inspiration from Elaborate Interior decoration Plasterwork and Moldings. There was also a story involving a Woman of Wealth who meets a British Swinging 60's Guitarist whom she leaves all of her Wealth and Station for, to live the Bohemian Lifestyle with said Musician. Things don't work out, as love oft does, and the Lady of Wealth is left Sullen and Melancholy. 

How exactly this Narrative found itself manifest on the runway is negligible at best, but in the end, it matters very little. This collection was as Blithe and Amusing as ever and surely one of Randall's Best. Starting with The Plaster moldings idea, Randall embroidered a Sky Blue coat with Rococo Flourishes and threw it over a Scalloped Skirt. This Scalloped Sheer/Opaque Laser cut skirt would be a motif seen throughout and became a little bothersome by shows end. 

Other than that folly, Virtually everything else sang, from a Deceptively simple Shift dress decorated with "Candy Buttons" which made one smile from Ear to Ear! Also more than a little Pretty was a Rose Embroidered coat with "Trellised" Side Panels of Cutout Filigree. A Black gown with multicolour Rococo Filigree patterns was a Show Stopper and Could fit in FLAWLESSLY in a Certain Italian Duo's Collection who show in Paris whom's collection is the Spiritual Sister twin to Honor... (I Name No Names... *Smirk*)

Randall Gave such Beautiful clothes to marvel at, It was Truly Charming and Beguiling. This makes one truly Look forward with anticipation to every next presentation of Giovanna Randall at her Honor Label. This was, for myself, one of her most accomplished showings and augers well for the future. If a certain Italian Duo doesn't Watch themselves... Honor may just One-Up them! 

That's All.


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