Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tia Cibani.

Weds. 09/03/2014.

Tia Cibani like a bit of Exoticism in her collections. Here today, we had a hint of Marrakech for Spring 2015. Cibani said that she is a "Big Believer In Volume" and there was much Volume on display. How effective or interesting it was, that was another matter altogether. This just didn't feel like Cibani's Strongest effort. There was a bit of the Haphazard and Plain going on that didn't necessarily come off as Cheap, but didn't look as polished as it should have.

A Beaujolais Coloured Blouson atop a Knife Pleat Skirt in Dark Cocoa exuded a Freshness that was also Classical and Easy to wear as did a Silky sheath in Plum with a belted waist. Otherwise... Nothing was truly that Memorable or Attention Getting. Cibani will keep the Devout followers of her brand appeased and happy with these new and Pretty offerings, As for making a Statement, That really didn't Happen. 

That's All.



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